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After a successful launch of Interacoustics’ new Affinity Compact at EUHA, Germany and BAA, UK, European hearing care professionals are now benefitting from Interacoustics’ successor to their well-known Affinity2.0.

Ole Lundsgaard, Senior Product Manager said: 
“We have engineered a fully modular solution with four configurations and customizable software. The first response from the market is very positive. Customers particularly highlight the sleek design and Affinity Compact’s modularity and flexibility.”

Intuitive consultation tools

Affinity Compact includes well-proven consultation and fitting tools such as real-ear measurement (REM), hearing instrument testing and visible speech mapping. These tools help improve the patient experience and secure the right patient management. One of Affinity Compact’s key feats is that it can measure up to 12.5 kHz in its REM module.



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