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Optim LLC manufactures the innovative ENTity series of nasopharyngoscopes and related products for diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders. The company maintains that the ENTity is currently the only product on the market that can state that it is fully portable, with self-contained lighting and backed by a two-year warranty.

Optim has a long history in the healthcare marketplace dating back to 1970. Headquartered in the USA, they source over 75% of components locally, within 150km of their facility. This results in less supply chain disruption and higher quality control.

With a worldwide network of knowledgeable industry distributors, Optim looks to provide customers with unique and efficient products allowing for ease of use and freedom to move round.

Optim continues to operate at full capacity during this challenging time. They take pride in meeting the needs of their customers and supporting them with innovative technology.



Optim LLC
T: +1 508 347 5100

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