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WIDEX MOMENT™ PureSound™ is scientifically proven to process sound 10x faster than any leading competitor, to deliver the most natural sound ever heard in a hearing aid.

Tests show patented ZeroDelay™ technology delivers sound to the eardrum in 0.4ms, compared with competitor averages of 6-8ms.

Traditionally, sound processed in a digital hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound travelling directly into the ear, resulting in distorted, artificial sound caused by the “comb-filter effect”.

This has long been a barrier to hearing aid acceptance.

According to Widex, the WIDEX MOMENT™ PureSound™ is a new paradigm in sound which practically eliminates the comb-filter effect and associated distortion.

Studies show 85% of hearing loss participants, and 100% of non-hearing loss participants, prefer Widex PureSound™ over standard delay across various environments.

WIDEX MOMENT™ PureSound™ is more acceptable to first time users, whilst experienced users will notice the difference instantly.




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