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Good marketing and referrals from existing hearing aid patients are greatly enhanced by winIPRO’s audiology practice management software. With 25 years of experience and close co-operation with users, this software manages the business aspects of some of the most respected providers. Fully integrated with NOAH 4.10, the modular software tracks the patient’s journey from first consultation to after-sales, repairs and check-ups.

Lynne Leeming’s Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre is celebrating ten years of using winIPRO – “The software can track anything: as soon as a patient telephones, we can see at a glance what hearing aid they have, what batteries and which wax guard they use, plus payment status.”

Lynne is a keen user of recall and reminder functions, with the facility to email patient promotions wherever the team is working.

“I have full ownership of the data: recently the internet was down at the practice and I was so pleased that I did not have a cloud-based PMS system. I use winIPRO2Go where I dial in via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When I am out on visits, I have the full database and functionality on my devices with all aspects updated seamlessly. I bought the system outright as I prefer to know that I own it and the service that I get from IPRO is fantastic – always with someone to help.”

Fergusons Hearing Clinic in Limerick, which has more than 4,000 patients, says – “It is just great, particularly in liaising with the professionals with template referral letters and in keeping track of payments.”



Carlton Plaatjes at Ipro

T: +44 203 868 7794 (Customer Services)
M: +44 (0)7790 816272

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