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NHS collaboration and partnership with the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries

Historically the relationship between industry and the NHS has been a cautious one. Both sides have typically worked with only partially disclosed agendas, under a pervading fear of finding themselves on the wrong end of a win-lose negotiation. Things have...

The lessons in setting up a community ENT service in the NHS

Sudeb Mandal, a GP with special interest in ENT, talks about the novel approach taken in the community to deliver ENT services in Kent in the UK. The Kent Community ENT service was born with the vision to bring together...

Protective SNAP device to be provided free to the NHS

Four thousand SNAP devices will be distributed to all NHS hospitals with an ENT department for free. The device, developed by endoscope-i during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe nasoendoscopy assisted procedures, is a one-way valve which fits on to...

UCL, UCLH and Formula One develop life-saving breathing aids for the NHS

A breathing aid that can help keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care, adapted by mechanical engineers at UCL and clinicians at UCLH working with Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (Mercedes-AMG HPP), has been approved for use in the NHS. For...

In conversation with Dr Helen Bevan: Approaching change in the NHS with a new mindset

Dr Helen Bevan has been a leader of large scale change in the English National Health Service (NHS) for more than 20 years and was recently recognised as one of the 60 most influential people in the history of the...

Monitored safe medical practice: minimising patient harm will reduce medical negligence bill for the NHS

Patrick Bradley ruminates on a celebrated career in ENT head and neck surgery and suggests that increasing the possibility of positive outcomes to contemporary patient safety initiatives by the NHS must involve efforts to develop an enthusiastic contented workforce willing...

The first major NHS cancer case performed at HCA London Bridge Hospital Cancer Centre

In the words of Mr Jean - Pierre Jeannon, 'we will get through this together'. Never better demonstrated than through the life saving team work seen yesterday led by JP and Mr Ricard Simo...CLICK HERE

NHS Audiology service provider, Chime, uses pandemic as a catalyst for significant positive change.

At a time when many businesses have had their services negatively affected by the COVID pandemic, it is refreshing news that Chime audiology has used this time as an opportunity to refresh and add to theirs.

BIHIMA final quarter results show encouraging growth in NHS hearing care market

“We are pleased to report that the hearing technology market has ended 2017/18 in a strong position and we expect to see continued growth in the new fiscal year ahead.” – Paul Surridge, the BIHIMA chairman  

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