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Carleton Announce new KTP laser

Carleton Medical Ltd, a leading supplier of both Co2 and KTP surgical lasers for ENT, has announced the release of a new laser.

SnapPROBE™ Accessories for Sera™, easyScreen™ and Novus™ with Sanibel Supply

Newborn hearing screening demands complex and sensitive technology to record the electrophysiological and physiological responses needed (ABR and OAE).


Ream Surgical Ltd are delighted to be able to add the NEW MedLED Chrome MC6 (New Sapphire) Portable surgical headlight to its range of products.

GN to help millions of Americans with unaddressed hearing loss thanks to the new OTC hearing aid category

Following the release of the OTC hearing aid regulations by the FDA on Tuesday 16 August, GN have announced their support of the ambition to help more people access hearing aids.

New edition of Virtual Hearing Aid Care published

Scholaship@Western has published v2.0 of a clinical practice guideline (CPG) on Virtual Hearing Aid Care.

Instrumentation for Audiology and Hearing Science: Theory and Practice - Second Edition

This book is informative, with concise explanations of basic principles of physics and technology aiding the reader in understanding how these are related to instrumentation used within audiology and scientific aspects of hearing. A valuable text to have on the...

‘Pen’doscope - writing in a reduction in healthcare delivery costs

Optimal management of cleft lip and palate requires a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment, with the goal being maintenance of facial growth and improvement in speech and hearing, in addition to closure of the cleft. This can be especially challenging...

Do adhesions actually cause nasal blockage?

All of us who perform nasal surgery are familiar with the disappointing presence of nasal adhesions (NA) or synechiae in our postop patients. These can often lead to patients deriving less perceived benefit from their surgery than that which they...

Internet-based aural rehabilitation (IAR)

Rapid information technology development allows use of the internet in several areas. It is therefore not surprising that online rehabilitation programmes attract a large interest of researchers worldwide. This study aimed to analyse what participants’ experiences of IAR are. The...

Mobile phones to assess productivity in rhinitis

Uncontrolled and moderate to severe allergic rhinitis (AR) has significant negative impact on work productivity. Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Allergic Specific Questionnaire (WPAI:AS) used to measure that impact showed this. Work productivity seems to improve when AR is treated....

A comparison between ultrasonography-guided drainage with open surgical drainage of deep neck space abscesses

A comparison between ultrasonography-guided drainage with open surgical drainage of deep neck space abscesses Neck space abscesses are common; conventional drainage involves intra-oral or extra-oral approaches. The former can compromise the airway and the latter can cause neurovascular injuries, scarring...

Money saving using CAD-CAM in mandibular reconstruction

CAD-CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) is an exciting field in the functional and accurate reconstruction of oral cavity defects. This is a prospective study from Italy based on data from 20 consecutive mandibular reconstructions from 2011 to...