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Continue ENT Diagnosis, Safely – with Single-use SNAP, Endoscope Guide

The SNAP, Endoscope Guide ensures safe passage of a nasendoscope through a surgical mask.

Quick & Efficient Procedures with DTR’s Sterile Single-use Aural Care Range of Instruments

DTR Medical’s Single-use Aural Care Instruments have been carefully designed to assist in the restoration of hearing through a Hearing Aid when the mechanism becomes sclerosed or fused together.

Interacoustics introduces a new diagnostic test at EUHA

Interacoustics is happy to introduce the Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™) test; a new, diagnostic test to support the number one challenge with hearing loss: difficulty hearing speech in background noise.

HIMSA announces Noah ES Webinar: “It Really is Much Easier” on February 29th

In the daily hustle and bustle of a hearing care practice, it’s sometimes hard to find time to consider upgrading to new and better software.

Embracing deafness and the silent world

Brian Kokoruwe shares his journey from growing up during civil war in Nigeria to becoming Director of Deaf UK Athletics and a published author. While I am active in the Deaf BSL community, involved in Deaf sports and the Government...

Easter Weekend sees the start of Innovia Face Visor production

Innovia Medical Group has announced that production of its Innovia Face Visor is now underway.

ENT Campout 2021

An ENT campout took place in June in Moscow, Russia. ENT specialists from all across the country joined to commemorate Doctors' Day (celebrated in Russia on the third weekend of June), some flying all the way from Siberia! On Saturday...

Sanibel Supply® introduces the EARturtle™

On September 1, Sanibel Supply® introduced a new earphone for auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing in infants; the EARturtle™.

New TympStar Pro updates including WideBand tympanometry

Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, is pleased to announce new updates to their leading clinical tympanometer, the GSI TympStar Pro™.

Prof Tanon of the Côte d’Ivoire and Stephanie Unterrieder of MED-EL: challenges and successes of a public-private partnership

The Côte d’Ivoire (RCI) is a large country on the West African coast. It has recently launched a pioneering neonatal hearing screening programme. Dr Cheka Spencer caught up with Prof Marie-Josée Tanon to discuss this and other recent developments which...

Quick & Painless Treatment with Sterile Single-use Clearway Suction Handle

Ideal for use in A&E, ENT, and Audiology treatment rooms, DTR Medical’s Clearway Suction Handle has a soft malleable suctioning cap that effectively latches onto the surface of uneven objects and removes them, such as foreign bodies and plugs of dead skin and wax.

Grason-Stadler Releases GSI Cloud

Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, is pleased to announce the release of GSI Cloud™, a secure, cloud-based data management system.