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The Vorotek O Scope is a head-worn microscope alternative that delivers outstanding binocular vision in narrow cavities.

Originally developed by Australian ENT surgeon Dr John Vorrath, his aim was to deliver the optical benefits of a microscope with the convenience and affordability of a head-worn, fully portable device.

In the same way a microscope works, the O Scope’s optical pathway converges the eyes to just 12mm apart. This allows both eyes to reach the bottom of narrow cavities and deliver excellent depth perception, which is critical for accurate diagnosis and effective instrumentation.

No wonder more than 95% of Australian ENT surgeons now use the Vorotek O Scope.


What are the advantages of the Vorotek O Scope over a microscope?

It’s all about convenience and performance. The fully portable Vorotek O Scope is designed for rapid set up and when the patient moves, no time is wasted re-focussing or re-adjusting the viewing angle. This is particularly important in paediatric ENT procedures.

A key performance benefit of the Vorotek O Scope is that the user can be much closer to the patient. This improved proximity means less magnification is required to do the same job with a high degree of control.


Why is the Vorotek O Scope better than loupes for ear examination?

Loupes have an optical pathway that is unable to achieve convergence in the ear canal. Only the Vorotek O Scope has a 12mm converged binocular optical pathway. It is this unique feature which allows both eyes to reach the bottom of the ear canal and deliver excellent depth perception.



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