Balloon compared to FESS – long-term patient satisfaction This paper is the first controlled study of balloon sinoplasty’s long-term efficacy, with a follow-up extending over five years. There were 208 patients analysed and 88 recruited. Exclusions were nasal polyps grade 2 or more, age < 13 years, previous sinus surgery, immune deficiency and unilateral disease. Forty-eight patients were recruited in the FESS group and 40 in the balloon the group. Results were analysed on 30 and 28 respectively via a telephone interview on average six years following intervention using 19 parameters. Nasal symptom score result analysis revealed no difference in the two groups (p > 0.05).

Both group patients were equally satisfied with comparable symptom reduction even six years after the operation though acute exacerbations and revision surgery (0/30 FESS group and 4/28 balloon group) requirement was greater in the balloon group.

In spite of this being a retrospective comparative trial, it is useful information on long-term symptomatic benefits of balloon sinus surgery compared to FESS. Most of us agree that it is even less invasive than FESS surgery and it is worth getting more robust evidence on benefits and long-term outcomes.

Long-term follow-up after FESS and balloon sinoplasty: comparison of symptom reduction and patient satisfaction.
Koskinen A, Myller J, Metilla P, et al.
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