Day-care surgery is gaining in popularity throughout the surgical specialities due to economical constraints and patient convenience. However this is not without risk and a careful procedure by procedure evaluation should be performed to prove the suitability of this type of surgery for day surgery. The authors studied 424 patients admitted for septoplasty and / or septorhinoplasty and reviewed various pre- and postoperative variables to evaluate the risk / benefit ratio for daycare aesthetic nasal surgery. Between 17 and 40% of patients were eligible for day surgery especially those living <1 hour from the point of care. Given proper selection criteria, it is possible to offer patients undergoing aesthetic nasal surgery the option of a day care hospitalisation with all its benefits and without any additional risks.

Feasibility study of septoplasties and septorhinoplasties in
ambulatory surgery.
Lechot A, De Gabory L.
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Badr Eldin Mostafa

Ain-Shams Faculty of Medicine, Almaza , Heliopolis, Egypt.

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