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Adults with tinnitus are 2.5 more likely to suffer with depression and anxiety. Ego-resiliency is the ability of a person to adapt to change and cope in difficult situations. This study aimed to determine whether ego-resiliency is related to perceived levels of tinnitus annoyance. The team assessed 176 patients with subjective, chronic tinnitus. All participants underwent tonal audiometry, the SPP-25 to determine their ego-resiliency, Tinnitus Functional Index, and a questionnaire about the history of their tinnitus. The results significantly found that the higher their level of ego-resiliency, the lower the level of their perceived tinnitus annoyance as measured by the Tinnitus Functional Index. Tinnitus sufferers with lower levels of ego-resiliency may be less able to cope with the effects of their tinnitus and therefore develop a lower quality of life. The authors of this study highlight it may be worthwhile assessing ego-resiliency in tinnitus sufferers, with a view to develop this in patients as part of psychological intervention programmes.

Ego-resiliency and Tinnitus Annoyance.
Fludra M, Kobosko J, Gos E, et al.
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