This is a prospective cohort study of Danish patients that presented to an otolaryngologist’s office with globus over the course of a year. They accounted for 4% of new patients, amounting to 122 patients in this study (57 patients were excluded as they had other red flag symptoms for malignant disease). As per the textbooks, it was mostly present in middle-aged females. Anxiety was a common finding in over 80% of patients. The common aetiologies were reflux and post-infective inflammation in 15% and 10% patients respectively. In 28% of patients, no somatic cause was diagnosed. Only a third of patients completed the postal survey at six months. Of note, no malignancies were diagnosed, when globus/foreign body sensation is the only presenting symptom. 

A prospective cohort study of 122 adult patients presenting to an otolaryngologist’s office with globus pharyngeus.
Rasmussen ER, Schnack DT, Ravn AT.
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Serge Latis

Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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