It has always been challenging to visualise cranial nerves on traditional imaging as the cranial nerves have a fine structure and complex anatomy. This is especially true regarding the cochlear nerve. In congenitally hearing impaired children, the visualisation of the cochlear nerve determines the outcome of cochlear implantation. This study describes the use of high definition fibre tractography to visualise cranial nerves. The authors demonstrate through excellent images, the role of high definition tractography in successfully identifying the cisternal portion of most of the cranial nerves. The technique should potentially help in surgical planning of skull base lesions as well as cochlear implantation.

Visualization of cranial nerves using high definition fiber tractography.
Yoshino M, Kumar A, Yeh FC, et al.
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Gauri Mankekar

Department of Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery, Louisiana State University Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.

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