This interesting study from the UK explored, using personal interviews, how rejected candidates for cochlear implantation feel and deal with the decision not to implant. The authors assessed 10 adult cochlear implant candidates who had undergone the evaluation process were found not eligible for implantation, mainly due to audiological reasons. Although most of their hearing was too good for implantation, as assessed by the audiologists, they themselves felt rather isolated both socially and emotionally. Moreover, they felt that their hearing loss affected their work. Finally, the participants’ general view was that speech discrimination testing and the other audiological measures in the assessment process do not reflect their everyday life and therefore were disappointed and felt that their expectations had not been met. It is clear that these views should be taken into account in a more patient orientated pathway.

The experiences of adults assessed for cochlear implantation who did not proceed.
Athalye S, Mulla I, Archbold S.
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Thomas Nikolopoulos

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Athens, Greece.

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