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This article deserves a little attention, rather like settling into conversation. As the writers state, listening is an effort and is a tricky field of study when combining multiple physiological measures. In order to gain an understanding, they suggest: consider what is listening effort, what could interfere in how you measure the body’s response, what are the time paradigms, how does one’s analysis account for the difficulties when running multiple tests? The point being, what physiological measures are best at showing the impact of the listening effort? So, let us think about this - what markers in ourselves actually happen when attempting a trying conversation? This perhaps requires a bit more research, but concentration has its limitations in us all, so I think I can safely say at the end of the day - listening is tiring.

Combining Multiple Psychophysiological Measure of Listening Effort: Challenges and Recommendations.
Richter M, Buhiyan T, Bramsløw L, et al.
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Jennifer K Stott

Royal Berkshire, NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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