Although all brands are MRI safe at 1.5 T, the active middle ear implant system Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB), is special since it houses two magnets. These include a magnetic floating mass transducer (FMT) and an audioprocessor fixing receiver magnet which contribute to specific MRI-related side-effects. The study investigated the effects of MRI scanning on the VSB with an alternatively coupled FMT. All patients were asked to fill in a questionnaire for further evaluation. In four patients with the active middle ear implant system five MRI examinations were performed for different non-ear related indications. During the scanning, noise and subjectively perceived distortion of the implant were described. The hearing performance with the VSB was decreased in one patient which could be fixed by a surgical revision. This paper helps in counselling of patients regarding the possible side-effects regarding postoperative MRI scans. A study with larger numbers is awaited!

MRI scanning in patients implanted with a round window or stapes coupled floating mass transducer of the Vibrant Soundbridge.
Renninger D, Ernst A, Todt I.
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Sangeeta Maini

FRCS ORL-HNS, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Forresterhill, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZN.

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Bhaskar Ram

FRCS (EDIN) , FRCS ORL-HNS, Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Forresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZN, UK.

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