This interesting editorial explores an aspect in the field of research dedicated to promoting healthy social and emotional development and the prevention and treatment of mental health problems in very young children. Since babies learn through primary attachment relationships with their caregivers, it is thought that the interaction creates an environment of safety for them to develop. Therefore, disturbances in this emotional connection could impair development in social and emotional functioning. This is of importance in babies with hearing loss as parents may struggle to connect with their child, believing they cannot hear their voices, whilst also grieving the diagnosis of hearing loss and being overwhelmed by the wealth of hearing technologies offered. The editorial gives a 10-point question guide when observing the interaction between children with hearing loss and their families to help encourage a better relationship and possibly a better hearing outcome, and thus may enhance the service we can provide.

The powerful influence of infant mental health on hearing loss.
Wolfe J, Smith J, Elder T, Roberts E.
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Linnea Cheung

Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, UK.

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