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Something which we have realised for a long time in the UK is the importance of the clinician in the assessment and long-term adoption of hearing aids. This common sense article outlines the need for more individualised patient pathways, thinking about the goal-setting process, and the verification and validation processes the fitting pathways goes through. Unsurprisingly, making the COSI goals more specific, looking at the patient’s main priorities and validating the hearing aids with a little bit of aided speech testing whilst also recommending any assistive devices/accessories based on the patient’s detailed problems probably is not a bad shout. It is one thing, however, to understand good audiological practice and evidence-based care; it is another skill entirely to remember the nuanced use of language at the end of a long and complex day.

APSO Standards: Implementing Hearing Aid Needs Assessment and measuring Related Outcomes.
Arnold M, Sanchez V.
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Jennifer K Stott

Royal Berkshire, NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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