Very few studies describe deafness secondary to neurosarcoidosis as the latter is a rare inflammatory disorder of the nervous system usually associated with facial nerve and optic nerve disorders. This interesting case report describes a rare case of cochlear ossification as a result of neurosarcoidosis in a patient with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss. At the time of surgery, the cochleostomy revealed that the scala tympani was ossified and drilling did not achieve to identify a lumen. Therefore, the authors decided to proceed with a scala vestibuli insertion which was successful. Although the follow-up was rather short after the operation (four months), the outcome was encouraging. I fully agree with the authors that early imaging and monitoring of these patients is recommended and signs of cochlear obliteration should lead to timely assessment and possible surgery as an emergency.

Bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and labyrinthitis ossificans secondary to neurosarcoidosis.
Dhanjal H, Rainsbury J, Irving RM.
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Thomas Nikolopoulos

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Athens, Greece.

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