This retrospective study looked at the factors that were associated with a higher success rate for tympanic membrane perforation closure. The authors looked at 247 procedures.

They compared the results of temporalis fascia versus tragal cartilage. The cartilage grafts had a higher successful closure rate. There was no significant difference in hearing results between these groups.

The main factors associated with lower success rates were age (under 16 in this study), adenoidal hypertrophy and disease in the contralateral ear. No major surprises then, but this study seems to support the trend towards using cartilage grafts, particularly when the conditions are less favourable.

Prognostic factors in type I tympanoplasty.
Mehti Salviz A, Ozlem Bayram A, Ali Alper Bayram A, et al.
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Ravi Thevasagayam

Clinical Lead, Department of ENT, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, S10 2TH, UK.

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