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This prospective study conducted over four years surveyed more than 300 patients after endoscopic pituitary adenoma resection. The authors used the Anterior Skull Base Questionnaire-35 and the Sinonasal Outcome Test-22, and the scores were analysed for quality of life (QoL) change predictors. The study results showed that there is transient reduction in QoL for six weeks after endoscopic transnasal resection. Subsequently, depending on the adenoma type and for tumours limited to the sellar/suprasellar space, there was overall postoperative improvement in the QoL. In young patients with acromegaly and Cushing’s disease or in small tumours, QoL improvements, though noticed within the first year, are small. The authors have admitted several limitations to their study and suggest a specific surgical metric to study the effects of surgery on patients’ QoL.

Quality of Life after endoscopic surgical management of pituitary adenomas.
Castle-Kirszbaum M, Wang YY, King J, Goldschlager T.
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Gauri Mankekar

Department of Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery, Louisiana State University Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.

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