HomeBank is a novel online repository for daylong audio recordings of children and families. Daylong recordings of children in naturalistic environments with their family and friends are an important source of information to enable an understanding of how children develop communication, and the types of interactions that can enhance their development. The article introduces the online database and describes the two separate databases in the system. The first database allows unrestricted public access to vetted de-identified data, while the second database requires special permission for access to unvetted recordings. Recordings can be made with small portable microphones attached to children’s or infants’ clothing and then uploaded. The authors propose that HomeBank can enhance research by creating a large-scale pool of data and software tools. This will allow users to analyse data in many different ways, thus maximising our understanding of child development and intervention initiatives for children with hearing loss, autism and more. In fact, this type of repository could be of benefit to researchers studying communication and interactions in people of all ages. Generating these types of recordings is time consuming and expensive. Sharing this data for further research can ultimately enhance all sorts of family, health and psychological interventions.

HomeBank: An online repository of daylong child-centered audio recordings.
VanDam M, Warlaumont AS, Bergelson E, et al.
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Anna Volkmer

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