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These authors try to circumnavigate the conundrum of what is influenced by what. For something so small, the impact of the Stria Vascularis cannot be understated. The difficulty in reviewing the influence of loop diuretics or aminoglycosides on the Stria Vascularis is that these medications are unlikely to be taken without the presence of other variables, or how do you link the animal with human studies? The constraints of these facts and the small numbers involved mean that conclusions should be taken with a proverbial pinch of salt. The impact of these medications on the auditory system has been long considered. The conclusion: possibly… the patterns are there.

Structural changes in the human stria vascularis induced by aminoglycosides and loop diuretics.
Wright A, Forge A, Jagger DJ.
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Jennifer K Stott

Royal Berkshire, NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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