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This is a retrospective study comparing thyroidectomy under conventional general anaesthesia and surgery under hypnosis. Patients are interviewed and evaluated before the surgery and the process explained. During the surgery, they are induced into a hypnotic trance in a controlled environment with intravenous remifentanil and local EMLA patch in the anterior cervical region and supplemental analgesia or local anaesthesia administered as needed. There were no statistically significant differences between both groups with regards to patient satisfaction, perioperative comfort and postoperative analgesic requirements. Only 8% of patients required conversion from hypnosis to general anaesthesia. The authors conclude that hypnosis is a viable alternative but with very strict prerequisites: a motivated patient, an experienced anaesthetist, an expert surgeon capable of performing atraumatic surgery, and a well-trained team and proper operating room set-up.

Chirurgie thyroïdienne avec hypnosédation:à propos de 50 cas.
Badidi G, Baulieu M, Vercherin P, et al.
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Badr Eldin Mostafa

Ain-Shams Faculty of Medicine, Almaza , Heliopolis, Egypt.

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