This is a review article about the management of tinnitus in children. In the end the authors came up with just three papers that made the grade. Maybe the most interesting finding was from Vianni in the JLO in 1989. This involved 102 children and suggested that amplification wasn’t particularly helpful. Tinnitus retraining did seem to help which suggests that the outcome is generally positive and therefore children should probably be referred to centres that offer this. Overall, my main impression was about the paucity of data out there for this condition. It’s also surprising how little comment there is about the psychological well-being of this group as a risk factor - this looks like a worthwhile area for more investigation.

Management of tinnitus in children: Review of literature and effort of counselling.
Lee DY, Lee JY, Kim YH.
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Ravi Thevasagayam

Clinical Lead, Department of ENT, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, S10 2TH, UK.

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