During the last few years, cochlear implantation research has included music. Processing strategies and rehabilitation teams are now interested in music appreciation by implantees, as speech perception and production are no longer the only issues or targets. The present study aimed to assess the patterns of musical participation and whether family affects it. The parents of 32 implanted children were asked to complete a questionnaire in relation to the musical involvement of their implanted child and the other sibling (if one existed). The latter comparison was very interesting as it revealed that there are no differences between implanted and normally hearing children in the same family with regards to musical involvement. In relation to family influence, families who enjoy and spend a greater amount of time involved in music tend to have children who also engage more actively in music. Despite the weaknesses of the present study (very long and not validated assessment measure, small numbers of subjects), it gives a fresh insight into what affects music involvement of implanted children.

Family involvement in music impacts participation of children with cochlear implants in music education and music activities.
Driscoll V, Gfeller K, Tan X, See RL, Cheng HY, Kanemitsu M.
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Thomas Nikolopoulos

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Athens, Greece.

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