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Otology & Neurotology in the COVID-19 Era: International Virtual Bootcamp Course on Endoscopic and Exoscopic Ear and Lateral Skull Base Surgery

By Arun Iyer, University Hospital Monklands, UK COVID-19 has brought challenges in otology. This is partly because many otological procedures are aerosol-generating. There have also been difficulties in organising conferences and teaching due to travel restrictions and social distancing. Therefore,...

The Matthew Yung & Chris Raine Otology Travelling Fellowship to Boston

Report by: Attila Dezso, Consultant Otologist ENT Surgeon A two-week observership was offered to visit Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary (MEEI), with one week in each institution under the supervision of Professor Dennis Poe and...

IFOS World Master Course in Hearing Rehabilitation in Collaboration with the GCC Symposium Otology 2019

Report by: Dr Priya Carling, AuD, Director and Consultant Audiologist IFOS in collaboration with SFORL, the French Otolaryngology Society, and together with GCC Otology, held a three-day master course on hearing rehabilitation in Dubai in March. The course was aimed...

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