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7th European Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast

The main topics of this live surgery broadcast will include the benign and malignant pathology of the larynx, phonosurgery, tumors, open and endoscopic procedures, and laser and robotic surgeries. Taking place 9am-4pm CET (GMT +1), the surgeries will be presented...

Soluvos Medical ­­– official partner for COOK OHNS in BeNeLux

Soluvos Medical is proud to be an official partner for COOK OHNS in the BeNeLux region, as of 1 February 2022, for the COOK OHNS product line: Sialendoscopy, Biodesign Otologic repair, Doppler Blood Flow Monitor, Biodesign Dural repair.

Soluvos Medical is looking forward to the congress season 2022

The Soluvos team is preparing for the summer break. In the meantime, they can be found at the following events

Soluvos Medical is looking forward catching up after the Summer break

The Soluvos team is preparing for the post-Summer meetings and looking forward to participating again at the following

Genetic discovery using animal models: presbyacusis

By their very nature, late-onset hereditary disorders offer a large window of opportunity for therapeutic intervention. However, before we can begin to think about strategies we need knowledge of the genetics and pathology underlying the condition. In this article we...

Globe trotter: Vasant Oswal launches memoir

Vasant Oswal was brought up in an era when public transport in India relied on horses. From humble beginnings in Pune in the western state of Maharashtra, he went on to become a pioneer in laser surgery in the larynx. He would also receive a Fellowship by Election at the Royal College of Surgeons, not to mention serving as Editor in Chief of ENT and Audiology News.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery

This book, published in March 2014, aims to explore the emerging role of endoscopy in the evolution of otological surgery, and details both basic and advanced endoscopic ear surgery techniques in clear text supplemented by beautiful images. It opens with...

Developing medical devices for children: opportunities and challenges

The development of medical devices for infants and children lags significantly behind the development of devices for adults. While in the United States the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set up incentives for developing child age-specific pharmaceuticals, there is...

Robotic head and neck surgery: current state of the art and future innovations

Technology and innovation has provided modern head and neck surgeons with successive generations of robotic surgical systems, fibre-optic lasers, and novel tools which have ushered in a new era of minimally invasive surgery for tumours of the pharynx and larynx....

Soluvos Medical brings laryngology products to their customers!

Soluvos Medical is still hoping that 2021 will bring social life, travels and meetings back to normal and that they can finally meet readers again at one of the yet-to-be-scheduled meetings later in the year.

Will the Soluvos Medical team see you this Autumn?

Soluvos Medical is supporting the Finnish Laryngology meeting in Helsinki, 17-18 September 2020.

Neck Rejuvenation

The May issue of this popular facial plastic journal is dedicated to detailed discussion of surgical and non-surgical procedures for rejuvenation of the neck. Following descriptions of relevant neck and face anatomy, techniques are discussed for neck and face rejuvenation....