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‘Fine’-ally Forceps Suitable for Delicate Ear Procedures - Sterile Single-use Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps

Sterile Single-use Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps from Innovia Medical are equipped with a precise 0.9 x 5.0mm jaw action that can be used with the smallest ear specula, making them highly suitable when removing foreign bodies from the ear cavity.

Quick & Efficient Procedures with DTR Medical’s Sterile Single-use Audiology Range of Instruments

DTR Medical are able to offer a plethora of effective Single-use Audiology Instruments that assist in the restoration of hearing through a Hearing Aid when the mechanism becomes sclerosed or fused together.

In conversation with Professor Eugene Myers: My life in ENT

In a series of interviews, former Chairman of the Editorial Board for ENT & audiology news, Professor Patrick J Bradley, speaks with eminent otolaryngologists who have retired (or are about to retire) from practice. Our first is with Professor Gene...

The British Laryngological Association and Industry

In 2011 British laryngologists Martin Birchall and Guri Sandhu, assisted by ENT SpR Chad Al Yagachi, organised the first highly successful three-day international ‘Cutting-Edge Laryngology for the 21st Century’ conference at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. The Kenes...

VACANCY: Band 7 Specialist Audiologist, Belfast

The following job opportunity is now available.

Interview with Andrew Swift

ENT UK has a central role in guiding and supporting ENT surgeons. Our editor Declan Costello caught up with Andrew Swift, who has just taken over the presidency of the organisation.

ENT UK Foundation summer drinks

Three of the recipients of ENT UK Foundation awards, L–R: Wendy Smith, John Hardman and Manish George, along with Victoria Ward and Nirmal Kumar. The ENT UK Foundation is the philanthropic and fundraising arm of ENT UK that seeks to...

Consultative Selling Skills for Audiologists

I must admit that when I was first asked to review this book I tried to find excuses not to do it. The title rather put me off as whilst I am Hearing Aid Dispenser registered, I do not dispense...

Clinical management: 
a personal view

When Nigel Beasley approached me to write on my experience of clinical management, I was a little surprised. I see myself as primarily a clinician, but have had increasing involvement with clinical management within my Trust. I am now in...

A new clinical device to monitor nasal blockage

Chia-Hung Li, a Medical Device PhD student from University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Healthcare Engineering, is currently leading a PhD project to develop a clinical device to monitor nasal blockage. Jo Rimmer spoke to him about what he is...

Sanibel Supply goes Global with EarWays Medical

Sanibel Supply has partnered with EARWAYS Medical for global distribution of EarWay Pro, a safe, efficient, and simple tool for cerumen removal.

HIMSA announces Noah ES Webinar: “It Really is Much Easier” on February 29th

In the daily hustle and bustle of a hearing care practice, it’s sometimes hard to find time to consider upgrading to new and better software.