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Declan Costello,
Editor, ENT & Audiology News;
Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon,
Wexham Park Hospital,
Slough, Berkshire, UK.




We live in exciting times to be working in the fields of ENT and audiology: not only are the tools of our trade developing rapidly, but it feels as if the social fabric that underpins our specialty is advancing as well. Nowhere is this more true than in the domain of gender equality. Many steps forward have been taken, but we clearly have some way to go. For September/October, Sujana Chandrasekhar and Emma Stapleton have brought together a series of articles focusing on women in leadership roles in ENT; in our Audiology Features, Priya Carling and Alex Griffiths-Brown have reflected the current state of the audiology world for women working in (and aspiring to) leadership roles.

One of the most heartening things about the articles is the geographical spread of experience: from Thailand to the US, from Kenya to Venezuela, these are diverse examples of female role models succeeding, sometimes in the face of significant difficulties. Supplementing our female theme, our good friends Johan Fagan and David Howard pay tribute to the leadership of Prof ED Kitcher from Ghana.

It was wonderful to see so many friends at the CEORL-HNS conference in Brussels, and you can read reports by Chris Potter and Daniele De Siati. As ever, the team from ENT & Audiology News will be attending several conferences in the coming weeks, so do come and visit our stand if you are at the AAO-HNSF meeting in New Orleans, or at the IOS in Kilkenny; or indeed at the EUHA in Nuremberg, or BAPO or the BLA conferences, which will both be in Edinburgh (the home town of ENT&A News!) in September.

Join us in conversation on Twitter at @ENT_AudsNews and via the hashtag #ENTAuds. You can also find us on Facebook.


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Declan Costello

MA, MBBS, FRCS(ORL-HNS), Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire, UK

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