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This is a topic which has been highlighted before in the Hearing Research series, as the evidence base regarding the specific impact of acoustic trauma on the auditory system has been expanding regularly in the last few years. This particular study looks at the impact of noise exposure on rats. Unsurprisingly, hearing loss occurs. They found activation of the amygdala influences changes in the medial geniculate nucleus activity following acoustic trauma and, therefore, the functional connectivity of the system. Interestingly, the acoustic trauma did not significantly increase signs of anxiety, however we do have to remember these are rats, not humans, so maybe this is where the roadmap may differ.

Acoustic Trauma increases inhibitory effects of amygdala electrical stimulation on thalamic neurons in a rat model.
Zimdahl J, Rodger J, Mulders W.
Hear Res
2023;439:108891 [ePub ahead of print].
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Jennifer K Stott

Royal Berkshire, NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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