Uncontrolled and moderate to severe allergic rhinitis (AR) has significant negative impact on work productivity. Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Allergic Specific Questionnaire (WPAI:AS) used to measure that impact showed this. Work productivity seems to improve when AR is treated. An app was developed and made freely available to download on multiple platforms and in 21 countries. This app collects data (users consent to terms and conditions) about multiple aspects related to AR. Relevant to this study is the question: During the past seven days, how much did allergies affect your productivity while working? (7 WPAI:AS Q4-WPAI:ASc) and a visual analogue score to indicate work productivity (VAS-work). 1120 users responded which covered 5678 working days in AR patients. Authors found that when the VAS-work indicated controlled AR, work impairment was noticed in less than 20% of days measured. This number rose to 97% in uncontrolled disease. There were some limitations to this study such as variations in number of participants per country, absence of controls, time taken to complete the questionnaire. However, utilisation of mobile technology to record effects of AR on daily activities from multiple countries is a new concept. The authors concluded that uncontrolled AR could have significant impact on work productivity.

Work productivity in rhinitis using cell phones: The MASK pilot study.
Bousquet J, Bewick M, Arnavielhe S, et al.
2017; 72: 1475–84.
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Hassan Mohammed

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