The May issue of this popular facial plastic journal is dedicated to detailed discussion of surgical and non-surgical procedures for rejuvenation of the neck. Following descriptions of relevant neck and face anatomy, techniques are discussed for neck and face rejuvenation. In addition to commonly employed interventions such as botulinum toxin, chemical peels, dermabrasion and carbon dioxide laser, relatively uncommon means such as intensity focused ultrasound, plasma skin regeneration and micropulsed 1444-nm Nd:YAG interstitial fibre laser are mentioned in detail. Adjunctive procedures including implants and treatment of the ptotic submandibular gland has been given in a separate chapter. Equally useful are the chapters dedicated to careful and detailed description of various surgical procedures used for neck and face lifts such as classical superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), extended SMAS approach, deep plane lifts and vertical neck lifts. The final chapter is dedicated to discussion of complications and sequel of surgical procedures. There are exceptional pre- and post-procedure photographs, which are given in ample number throughout the journal. This edition is essential for any budding facial cosmetic surgeon as well as a useful one for the veterans.

Edited: Thomas JR, Hamilton MM, Beaty MM.
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Mrinal Supriya

Northampton General Hospital, UK.

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