This prospective endoscopic and radiologic evaluation studied 42 patients who underwent concha bullosa surgery, amounting to a total of 55 conchae surgeries. The patients were allocated consecutively to either of the two groups. The presurgical and one year postsurgical endoscopic nasal cavity images and computed tomography (CT) scans of all patients were recorded. Preoperative and postoperative measurements were compared using a paired t-test and student t-test. Crushing with intrinsic stripping is an effective and easy technique, when compared to crushing alone, and provides significantly more decrease in middle concha volumes as demonstrated both by the CT and by endoscopic evaluations. 

A comparison of the long-term results of crushing and crushing with intrinsic stripping techniques in concha bullosa surgery.
Eren SB, Kocak I, Dogan R, et al.
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Laith Tapponi

Wiltshire, UK.

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