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Free online music training for cochlear implant users: MELUDIA & MED-EL

Hearing implant users, caregivers and hearing experts can now access a free musical online training that was curated with a special focus on CI users.

MED-EL revolutionises cochlear implantation with unparalleled synchrotron dataset of temporal bones

MED-EL, a leading innovator in the field of cochlear implant research and development, has announced an agreement with the Western University (London, Canada) and Mitacs to gain exclusive access to an extraordinary synchrotron dataset of temporal bones.

MED-EL launches ideas4ears children’s invention contest

The ideas4ears children’s invention contest from MED-EL is back for another year.

Prof Tanon of the Côte d’Ivoire and Stephanie Unterrieder of MED-EL: challenges and successes of a public-private partnership

The Côte d’Ivoire (RCI) is a large country on the West African coast. It has recently launched a pioneering neonatal hearing screening programme. Dr Cheka Spencer caught up with Prof Marie-Josée Tanon to discuss this and other recent developments which...

Sound Sensation: The MED-EL Music Festival

Connecting people with hearing loss to the magic of music is what we do. Since our founders pioneered the modern cochlear implant back in 1977, we’ve been dedicated to delivering the closest to natural hearing experience with our implants. With...

Prestigious Global Engineering Medals Awarded to Cochlear Implant Inventors Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair

Austrian cochlear implant pioneers, Dr Ingeborg Hochmair and Prof Erwin Hochmair have been granted the 2023 IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal for their outstanding contribution to communication and engineering.


Ream Surgical Ltd are delighted to be able to add the NEW MedLED Chrome MC6 (New Sapphire) Portable surgical headlight to its range of products.

Puberty and rhinitis

While asthma and rhinitis are more common in boys compared to girls in childhood, whether this trend persists after puberty or not is not yet clear. Authors inspected the European Commission funded MeDALL (Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy) to...

The sentinel lymph nodes revisited

The concept of sentinel lymph node sampling has been around for some time. However, its acceptability in routine head and neck practice has yet to be established. This article presents the authors’ experience in 10 patients with Merkel cell carcinoma...

Managing hearing preservation expectations of adult CI patients

This paper is a single-centre review of adult cochlear implants in patients with preserved low-frequency hearing, focusing on the outcomes at 10 months post-implantation, and the rates of electroacoustic stimulation actually used in this group of patients. The centre identified...

Hearing Festival St Petersburg - ArtNight

‘The Sound’ was the topic for the ArtNight 2021, which took place in St Petersburg, Russia, at the end of May. For us, as otorhinolaryngologists and audiologists, ‘the sound’ means hearing! The ENT specialists together with the companies involved, combined...

Endoscopic Approaches to the Parsanasal Sinuses and Skull Base

This is an excellent book to cover the endoscopic approaches to the paranasal sinuses and skull base with a step-by-step anatomic dissection guide. The editors are a group of eminent skull base otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons in Barcelona, Spain, and they...