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Audiology in this issue...Hyperacusis (Jan/Feb19)

Audiologists, otologists, and auditory neuroscientists are accustomed to dealing with problems of hearing loss but, until recently, little attention has been given to the experience of hearing sound too intensely. This experience is variously given the names hyperacusis, and reduced or decreased sound tolerance, and the affected individual finds everyday sound intensely and excruciatingly loud, rendering workplaces, shops, and social spaces intolerable.

Managing Hyperacusis in Adults and Children

Finally, after having seen hyperacusis patients for the last 14 years, there is a comprehensive course that hearing health professionals can attend which gives an up-to-date view of the research across all areas of hyperacusis management. Over four two-hour online...

UCL Masterclass: Tinnitus & Hyperacusis 2021

Tinnitus: Clinical and Research Perspectives

This book encapsulates the many facets of tinnitus from its enigmatic neurophysiological underpinnings to its cognitive effects and treatment approaches. The editors’ multidisciplinary approach in recruiting field experts from a variety of clinical and research backgrounds provides the reader with...

BSA (British Society of Audiology) Annual Conference

Report by: Helen Whiston MSc Research Audiologist, University of Manchester. Wolverhampton Wanderers stadium served as the backdrop for the British Society of Audiology’s (BSA) annual conference, welcoming approximately 120 delegates. The conference was opened by Dr Gareth Smith together with...
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