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hearX is award winner in the Hearing Technology Innovator Mobile Testing category

hearX Group’s remote hearing care solution, hearX Self Test Kit, was recently announced as the Hearing Technology Innovator award winner in the Mobile Testing category, by Hearing Health & Technology Matters. With over 22,000 votes cast, the awards programme showcased a number of incredible technologies, representing companies from more than 10 different countries globally.

Patient-led wax and aural foreign body removal technology – is it safe?

As ENT and audiology professionals, wax impaction and aural foreign bodies are common presentations to our clinic that can cause significant distress to patients and can preclude diagnostic testing such as pure tone audiograms and tympanometry. We often advise patients...

Surgical technology and operating room safety failures: lessons from vascular and general surgery

Background – surgical technology and otolaryngology An estimated 234 million major surgical procedures are performed annually worldwide. This requires the interaction of multidisciplinary teams with varying contributions of surgical technology and therefore makes surgical procedures prone to multiple sources of...

Introducing all new Active Core Plus™ technology in RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries

Introducing all new Active Core Plus™ technology in RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries. As hearing aid devices continue to evolve, RAYOVAC© has progressed their hearing aid battery technology to meet the ever-changing market demands.

What’s new in hearing aid technology? Requisites for successful implementation of eHealth in hearing health care

Like Eeyore in AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories it appears we all will soon have a personal cloud, but unlike Eeyore this will be something to celebrate! The future of hearing aid technology is in the cloud argues Uwe...

New technology from GN Hearing addresses the No.1 hearing aid challenge: hearing speech in noise

ReSound OMNIA, the latest innovation from GN Hearing, promises to set a new standard in hearing technology.

Hearing aid microphone considerations for binaural hearing: When to select natural or aggressive directional microphone technology?

Should I use omni-directional or fixed directionality? Does it make a difference if I’m fitting a unilateral hearing loss? Mark Laureyns discusses the current evidence on directional microphones and provides practical advice on the systems and when to employ them....

DP Medical partners with Neuranix to bring groundbreaking audiology diagnostic technology to the UK and Ireland

Leading healthcare supplier, DP Medical Systems, has joined forces with Neuranix to bring a brand new, innovative audiology diagnostic device to the UK and Ireland.

hearX Group technology featured by BBC Africa

Recent studies show that one in every five people may suffer from hearing loss. It is estimated that by 2050, one in every ten people will have disabling hearing loss.

Pediatric Audiology: Diagnosis, Technology and Management – Third Edition

Our departmental library has a copy of the first edition of this text, and on the odd occasion it’s not booked out to a student, it makes a very handy reference text to dip in and out of. Having recently...

A.R.C. Laser launches next generation TruBlue Laser technology

Surgeons worldwide know about the beneficial characteristics of a TruBlue laser for their everyday routine in ENT application.

2022 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), an online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, has announced a call for submissions for the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. Through the annual awards programme, HHTM honours technological innovation...