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European Training Requirements and Logbook approved

The UEMS-ORL Board was very pleased to announce that on Saturday 17 October 2020, the Council of the UEMS and National Medical Associations of Europe confirmed and approved the European Training Requirements (ETRs) in general ORL and the ORL General Logbook.

WENTS Mentor Training Meeting 2020


29th Annual Association of Otolaryngologists in Training (AOT) Conference

Report by Hannah Lancer, ST4 Otolaryngology, Walsall Manor Hospital, West Midlands, UK (Social Media Rep, AOT) Following on from last year’s event in Sheffield, Bristol did not disappoint. A social afternoon of ‘It’s a Knockout’ followed by a barbeque and...

AOT 2019: Annual Association of Otolaryngologists in Training Conference

Report by: Miss Summy Bola, ST6 Registrar at The John Radcliffe Hospital. The 2019 Association of Otolaryngologist in Training (AOT) conference was a sold-out affair. Hosted by the London Deanery, the annual gathering was kick-started by its long-established Thursday activity,...

Smell training recommended to recover loss of smell after COVID-19

It is estimated that 5% of the population (around 3 million people in the UK) have a smell disorder, meaning they are unable to smell properly, if at all. Anosmia, the loss of smell and taste, is one of the...

Tinnitus Adviser Training - Manchester

RCPSG: Training the Clinical Trainer