ReSound ONE: a new breakthrough hearing aid that uses the individual’s unique ear shape to collect sound

Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. Yet, the most commonly worn hearing aids use a standardised approach modelled on an ‘average ear’, which can compromise sound quality.

ENTity™ and the VidCap USB camera help patient and staff safety

Optim LLC manufactures the innovative ENTity™ series of nasopharyngoscopes and related products for the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders.

Interacoustics gears up online training with new virtual events

Throughout the corona pandemic, Interacoustics has conducted numerous online training events to audiology and ENT professionals.

WinIPRO boosts efficiency

Good marketing and referrals from existing hearing aid patients are greatly enhanced by winIPRO’s audiology practice management software.

Single-use elastic stay retractors for ENT

Specifically designed for head and neck procedures, Bailey Instruments has recently launched single-use elastic stay retractors for ENT.

Single-use microlaryngoscopy scissors for ENT

Bailey Instruments has recently launched single-use microlaryngoscopy scissors for ENT, which offer precision cutting for every procedure.

Genoray: ENT CBCT solutions provider specialised in ENT diagnosis

Genoray, a leading medical and dental solutions provider and manufacturer of medical and dental X-ray systems, has launched a new series of ENT CBCT to help otolaryngologists take precise diagnostic images with specific sinus, temporal bone, airway and DR modes.

Navient Cranial 2 released

Navient utilises the latest technologies in surgical navigation systems and brings simplicity, accuracy and affordability to the cranial & ENT navigation system.

New Versatile Clinical EP/OAE - GSI Audera Pro

Grason-Stadler (GSI), a worldwide leader in audiometric equipment, has released a new clinical EP/OAE device, the GSI Audera Pro™.

LABAT Asia announces COVID-ready audiometer

During the difficult times of COVID-19, Labat Asia’s R&D department worked hard and came up with a product useful for COVID times.

Keeping safe with the Interacoustics ViotTM video otoscope

Interacoustics appreciates that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on clinics and that many clinics are keen to open the doors to patients again.

New devices from Bailey Instruments

Bailey Instruments continues to expand their range of ENT single-use devices for surgery and outpatient use with two new precision engineered scissors designed for rhinoplasty or other delicate ENT and plastics procedures.