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Medical training in times of COVID-19 – the need for novel digital communication methods

COVID-19 changed the world and from the start it became clear that digital technologies would be the key to overcoming this pandemic.

Digital otoscopy with AI diagnostic support: making diagnosis of ear disease more accessible

Following Carolina Leal’s interview with Prof De Wet Swanepoel on the HearScope system, Spotlight on Innovation asked Dr Jenny Nesgaard Pedersen to review the new AI feature in HearScope system’s capabilities. In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine...

2023 Digital EUHA Spring Conference

Save the date! The 3rd Digital EUHA Spring Conference will kick off on 31 March 2023.

The new (digital) face of BIOHIT HealthCare

BIOHIT HealthCare is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which is designed to make it easier than ever for healthcare professionals to find the information they need.

Mastering Medical Photography of the Head and Neck

Medical photography has always been an integral part of the medical profession with benefits that span diagnosis, follow up, assessment of results and teaching. The popularisation of digital photography has made it more accessible to most doctors and other health...

Join the Oto Partner Programme and deliver effective tinnitus treatment today

Oto provides a digitally enabled pathway that provides personal and evidence-based care to those with tinnitus.

Music and hearing aids - the current state of affairs

‘Speech sounds great, but music isn’t right’ is a common complaint from hearing aid users across the globe. In this article, Marshall Chasin, one of the most published audiologists on the subject of music and hearing, outlines why patients with...

Advances in ear and hearing telehealth

Telehealth in ear (or tele-otology/tele-audiology) and hearing care has steadily increased as an area of both research and clinical interest over the past 15 years [1]. Driven by rapid advances in connected technologies and wide-ranging potential use cases, telehealth had...