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Neuromod Devices’ €30m funding powers Lenire expansion

Neuromod Devices, the global technology business behind scientifically proven tinnitus treatment technology, Lenire, closed €30m funding to expand availability of the groundbreaking tinnitus intervention.

Neuromod launches Ótologie specialist tinnitus care service

Medical device company, Neuromod Devices Ltd, has launched a specialist tinnitus care service, Ótologie.

Neuromod launches Lenire tinnitus treatment device to tinnitus sufferers in the UK

Neuromod Devices has launched its Lenire tinnitus treatment device in the United Kingdom, where it is estimated that seven million people suffer from tinnitus.

Neuromod establishes global leadership team following launch of Lenire in Spain

Neuromod Devices has announced the formation of a global commercial leadership team to further commercialise its Lenire tinnitus treatment device through key partnerships.

Neuromod establishes US subsidiary and appoints Eric Timm as US Chief Executive Officer

Neuromod Devices Ltd, the Irish medical device company which specialises in neuromodulation technologies, has announced the establishment of Neuromod USA Inc., a subsidiary headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Neuromod publishes results of second large-scale clinical trial for tinnitus, shows greater improvement of symptoms

Neuromod Devices, the medical device company specialising in tinnitus, has published the results of its TENT-A2 (Treatment Evaluation of Neuromodulation for Tinnitus – Stage A2) clinical trial in the scientific journal, Nature – Scientific Reports in a paper titled ‘Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial’.

Lenire®, the tinnitus treatment device, now available in Norway

Neuromod Devices Ltd., has reached an agreement with HØR AS, Norway’s largest private provider of hearing and tinnitus care, to make its Lenire tinnitus treatment device available in Norway.

FDA grants Lenire tinnitus treatment device De Novo approval

Neuromod Devices Ltd. is proud to announce that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted De Novo approval to Lenire.

FDA Approved Lenire Expands Number of US Clinics

Neuromod Devices, the medical technology company that developed tinnitus treatment device, Lenire, has partnered with an additional 24 new US clinics to address the significant demand for the FDA Approved tinnitus treatment device.

Tinnitus treatment device from concept to commercialisation

Innovation in the field of healthcare is fraught with nearly insurmountable challenges. Bringing a novel product to the market requires a new (patentable) idea that can be reduced to practice, manufactured at scale, and can pass all regulatory barriers. In...

How effective and safe is audiologist-led screening of acoustic neuroma in patients with asymmetrical hearing loss and unilateral tinnitus?

About two out of 100 patients presenting with asymmetric hearing and unilateral tinnitus have acoustic neuroma. The traditional method in which these patients first attend a clinician and then undergo screening through an MRI, can be expensive and prolong the...

A cost reducing protocol for magnetic resonance imaging in patients suspected to have acoustic neuroma

Magnetic resonance imaging is the ‘gold standard’ for screening patients suspected to have an acoustic neuroma. However, inappropriate referrals for imaging are not helpful, especially with the growing need to reduce costs. In this study the authors compared two audit...