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Coros: can a smart helmet make listening to audio content safer for cyclists?

The popularity of mobile phones has made listening to content while on the go – whether it be music, audiobooks, podcasts, or voice calls – a seemingly universal practice. Earbuds and other headphone styles adorn the ears of nearly every...

European Training Requirements and Logbook approved

The UEMS-ORL Board was very pleased to announce that on Saturday 17 October 2020, the Council of the UEMS and National Medical Associations of Europe confirmed and approved the European Training Requirements (ETRs) in general ORL and the ORL General Logbook.

Addressing ear and hearing care through task sharing: the Malawian experience

How can ear and hearing care be addressed in a setting with limited resources? Wakisa Mulwafu, Chris Prescott and Johan Fagan present an innovative model for training ear surgery technicians to perform endoscopic myringoplasty under local anaesthesia on a large...

Audiology Science to Practice - Second Edition

Steven Kramer has released the second edition to this popular textbook in order to remain in sync with the developments and changes in the audiology profession over the last five years. The textbook has retained many concepts from the first...

Cochlear implants: recipient stories

The most powerful evidence for the remarkable achievements made with cochlear implants over 40 years comes from the life-changing, personal stories of those who have benefited from the technology. James Rylance I first noticed a problem with hearing when I...

From the editor NovDec 2021

It is such a pleasure to see ever-increasing numbers of meetings going ahead in the coming months – after so much time away from physical gatherings, there seems to be a real hunger for in-person conferences where we can meet up with friends and colleagues.

UK universities get £2.2m for aural diversity research

The University of Salford, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, has been awarded up to £2.2 million in funding for a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing research in hearing.

Mastoid surgery for cholesteatoma

Landmark Paper: Toner JG, Smyth GDL. Surgical Treatment of Cholesteatoma: a comparison of three techniques. Am J Otol 1990;11(4):247-9. Canal wall up or canal wall down? Chris Aldren discusses the landmark paper that attempted to provide a definitive answer for...

AAO-HNSF announces new president

Congratulations to Carol R Bradford, MD, MS, who became the new President of the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) and its Foundation on 16 September 2020.

Self-Assessment of Hearing - Second Edition

As an audiologist, I am often reminded of the estimated number of hearing aids that end up in patients’ drawers, rather than in their ears. Although the reasons for non-compliance with amplification are numerous and complicated, the patients’ reported perspective...

An understandable backup

This small study comparing the auditory temporal processing of seven younger adults with that of seven older adults does not show anything breathtakingly new in its conclusions. After the assessment to rule out compounding factors such as middle ear pathology,...

Otodynamics' OTOPORTcompletes a mission on the International Space Station

For the last few years, the International Space Station has been home to an Otodynamics’ Otoport Advance handheld clinical OAE instrument.