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Robotic assisted orbital surgery (RAOS) – a novel approach to orbital malignancy surgery

Robotic technology in ENT surgery has been used in certain areas of head and neck cancer care but, in this article, we hear of an exciting development from the team at Guy’s & St Thomas’. Advances in surgical robotic technology...

Bringing space science to balance and tinnitus

Jameel Muzaffar is a specialist registrar in ENT surgery in the West Midlands. His research interests include applications of imaging to ENT. Chris Coulson is a consultant otologist, particularly interested in the development of technological solutions. He is part of...

Romet announces new distributor in UK & Ireland. Additional distributors sought globally.

Tommy R. Dodson, President of Fountain Head Marketing dba Romet Electronic Larynx, is pleased to announce that Severn Healthcare Technologies Limited has been selected to become the exclusive authorised distributor of Romet branded electronic larynx devices in the UK & Ireland.

Young ESPO - calling all young paediatric otolaryngologists

Young ESPO welcomes all junior otolaryngologists with a special interest in paediatrics to become part of a community of training doctors, and share clinical and research knowledge on paediatric ENT!

Meet Robyn our News & Events Co-ordinator

ROBYN COOPER, News & Events Co-ordinator. Robyn joined Pinpoint Scotland a few months ago and would be delighted to hear from you. If you have a course or conference...

Robotic surgery for squamous cell cancer: the new frontiers

Although the da Vinci platform was FDA approved for early-stage oropharyngeal cancers, the indications have expanded. In this article, John Hardman explains how surgeons, with greater understanding of the strengths and limitations of robotic surgery, have systematically set out to...

Detecting cancer margins during robotic head and neck cancer surgery using ambient mass spectrometry

We have known about altered metabolism in cancer cells since Otto Warburg described it 97 years ago. But can we take advantage of this knowledge in curing cancer? Jim Higginson explains the value of smoke generated during cancer surgery. The...

What’s new in laryngology: the next 10 years!

At a time of unprecedented technological advances, Taran Tatla and Jonathan Fishman gaze into the laryngological crystal ball… Introduction The recent explosion in science, technology and innovation takes us into a new era, with the opportunity and capability to transform...

Funding your otolaryngology / audiology idea by partnering with 
the US Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has been an effective partner in many of our current medical technology advancements, from the surgical robot, to improved clotting wound dressings, to better blood products. For the otolaryngology and audiology entrepreneur looking...

ENT In this issue...Robotics in Head and Neck Surgery

Robotic surgery is here to stay. Within the specialty of otolaryngology, robotics has made headway across all of the subspecialties, although some advances may still be at the pre-clinical stage. The clinical applications are most acutely evident in the practice of head and neck cancer surgery, specifically transoral robotic surgery (TORS).

New Exclusive Distributors for Romet Laryngectomee Products

Tom Dodson President of Romet Electronic Larynx proudly announces that Romet has entered exclusive distribution arrangements for all Romet Laryngectomee products in Vietnam and Mexico.

Quo vadis FESS? Future directions in functional endoscopic sinus surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is now so ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine a time when it was not part of our clinical practice. Valentin Tomazic takes a look at its early development and looks ahead to endoscopic sinus surgery...