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Audiology in this issue...Genomics

Priya Carling, AuD, Director and Consultant Audiologist, Kent Hearing Ltd, UK. E: As a working clinical audiologist, my focus every day is predominantly diagnostics of hearing loss, closely followed by management of ear pathology and rehabilitation of hearing loss...

COSM 2019 (Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings)

Continue on for the full reports from the individual societies at COSM by Sujana Chandrasekhar, Keith G Trimble, Greg Randolph and Maura Cosetti. COSMReport by Sujana Chandrasekhar, ENT & Allergy Associates, New York, NY, USA There are two major US...

Audiology in this issue... Paediatric Audiology Gamechangers (NovDec18)

Fifty years ago, the National Conference on Education of the Deaf followed up on the Babbidge Report of 1965, recognising the failure of oralism in deaf education. Because young, deaf children at that time did not have access to sound, they could not develop speech and language. Further, because children were identified at two years or later, early intervention was only a dream.